How to Challenge the Quarantine Slump

Do you feel like you’re in a slump? Has this quarantine turned your smile upside down? Blech. Blargh. Pffffpt. That’s how I feel about the past 2 months. I mean, I tend to look for the silverlinings in life and even I am struggling. It’s normal to feel down, dazed, confused, and somewhat like you’ve entered in a timewarp machine. This quarantine dream started 60+ days ago and yet I’m not sure there’s a huge difference between week 3 and week 10. Exasperated… check. Exhausted… check. Excommunicated… check. All the exes.

Would you like to climb out of the slump? I’m here to reveal some tips I’ve learned, tried, and found success in. Now, that being said, that doesn’t mean every minute of every day is sunshine and rainbows. This is about averages, friends. This is about the positive sticking out more than the junk… and quite honestly, sometimes, you have to do some digging to find it.

The 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

How Do I Want to Feel?

I know, some of you are answering that all you want is to go back to mid-March and be right where you left off. Right? Maybe you were riding some type of high life wave that crashed you onto quarantine’s rocky shore. Good for you. Truly. I submit to you that even if that were the case, perhaps there is more to learn and enrich ourselves we hadn’t considered. That is beside the point however, as here we are in a new reality. We can’t go back. We can’t rewind. We can’t Back to the Future this thing. So, let’s dig deep.

Visualize how you want to feel in this new reality. Not in however many weeks or months time when ‘maybe’ things will be some kind of normal again. Right now. Where you are. In this current realm. Do you want to feel proud of yourself because you… did something at your homestead, read certain books, cooked certain meals, exercised a certain way, etc? Are you feeling expectations centered around fulfillment… tasks completed, praise received, etc? Perhaps you simply want to feel less scared… of the virus, of others, of uncertainty, of solitude, etc? Think about it. What is your version of success on your feelings in this moment in time?

Why Do I Want to Feel that Way?

Seems like a silly question, eh? Duh. I want to feel good. Enough said. Well, ok. I get that. Do you want to feel as though this time was positive and useful in some way? Do you want to feel as though you made the most of it? Do you want to feel in control? Do you have a need to feel productive or even ‘perfect’ in some ways?

I understand all of these and there isn’t a right or wrong here. The reason we do or want something can really impact our ability to achieve it… and better yet, maintain it. It’s like weightloss. Sure, summer is supposedly a reason to amp up efforts to workout and eat right, but ultimately, summer passes and during that time, flowy dresses are indeed an option. When you’re motivated by your health, strength, and longevity, it isn’t just a few weeks of time. If I’m working hard to feel a certain way, then I’m going to want to maintain that feeling and I’m going to invest in that every day. So, what is your why? What is your motivation? What is your driver or purpose?

When Do You Want to Feel that Way?

If your answer is ‘Yesterday,’ then you are not alone. Naturally, if we are all aiming for betterment and positivity, then the sooner the better, right? I believe in giving yourself a timeframe though. Right now isn’t always acheiveable, much to my toddler’s dismay. What is feasible? There are steps to a better outlook and it may take some practice, effort, and eeks, discipline. Consistency is key in getting to where you want to be no matter what your goal is. As is often heard around my house, life is often about doing thing you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do them. However, it is in those very moments (washing the dishes when you don’t feel like it, working out when you would rather lay on the couch) that you find a feeling of pride in yourself. A feeling of accomplishment. So, when are you putting off what you can do today to reach your goal?

The Power of Words

Have you thought through the questions above? Did you write down some of your ideas? Did you talk it through with someone? Go ahead, share this post with a friend, Zoom it out with some wine discussion. Our words have power. Immense, valuable, life-changing power. The thoughts (inner talk) and words you speak to others or write have power. You elicit a physical response within your body and brain with your thoughts and words. Think about it. You can propel yourself into a state of worry, quickened heartbeat and all, just with your thoughts and words. You can be turned on by thoughts or words of others. There are a lot of examples, but the truth is, your words and thoughts have an impact. There is scientific evidence that the reaction your body has to your thoughts and words is far beyond what we can easily detect. It may even impact your gut health! Think crappy thoughts, get crappy results.

So, what can you do? What thought pattern can you change in this quarantine? I hear a lot of people say “I’m stuck at home.” On a recent podcast I listened to (and I wish I remembered the name of the guest), that phrase was changed to “I’m safe at home.” See the difference? Completely different feeling and reaction even though we know the meaning is the same… we are at home and going nowhere. I challenge you. Find a phrase you are often thinking or saying. How can you change it for a more positive and hopeful meaning? How can using a more grateful spin on the situaion help you through this pandemic with more joy?

I can’t wait to hear what changes you come up with and the impact it has on your days.

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