Write it down!

Do you write down your hopes and dreams? Do you write down the vision you have for your life? Did you, or have you, written down what you’re looking for in a mate? Research has and is showing there is great power in putting pen to paper. Sure, typing your ideas onto your laptop or phone is all fine and good, but the real magic happens when you WRITE.

Writing to Remember

There is immense power in writing things down. As I mentioned above, research shows repeatedly that writing things down helps us to remember things. Physically writing it down is the key. Typing just doesn’t trigger the brain in the same way. When we physically write, we are literally ingraining the action and meaning of those words into our being as our thoughts travel between our brains and the action of writing or rereading. As we write, we are summarizing ideas, synthesizing, and melding ideas in a way it is proven the keyboard just can’t provide. This unloading of ideas, emotions, and responses allows your brain to focus on something else, but also to connect to the information you’ve written in a way that increases how you process those ideas and emotions even right to your core. Think about it, how often have you written in a journal in response to something that has happened or the emotions/reactions you’re experiencing? Didn’t that help you in processing it all?

Writing to Discover

What do I mean by that heading? Well, have you ever looked for the ‘perfect’ house? Or the ‘perfect’ partner? It is safe to say that what’s perfect for me isn’t what will be perfect for you. We all have different ideas on this making it a wonderful, joyous world to live in. However, having an idea of what meets your ‘perfect’ is significant in actually finding it.

Recently, I was searching through my Google docs for something and came across a list I had made when we were just starting our house search. We had written down in great detail what we desired and were looking for. Well, after writing it, I’m not sure we looked at it again, but it is as though it was embedded into our brains and hearts. When I found that list a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t believe the match of this house to that list. It was incredible! I mean, only a couple small things on the list aren’t in this house… yet.

Long ago, I wrote a list of about 7 traits I desired in a lifelong partner. It took me some time to focus down on the things that were truly most important to me. These were more about values than particular looks. For example, someone who values a relationship with God and building our faith together was important to me. A man who values being active and taking care of our health was a large component of what I was searching for. There were other things on the list, but I didn’t have anything about the color of hair or eyes he had to have. After all, attraction is an odd thing. I found that list about 3 years ago. I will never forget sitting on the edge or our giant tub (in the old house) reading it to my husband while he was in the shower haha! He is that list.

So, what are you waiting for? Go write it down! Make that list. Get out those feelings. Write down that vision for your life. It matters.

How do you feel about writing?

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