Describe Yourself in 3 Words

This seems simple. It’s only 3 words. Quick, write down the first 3 you think of. I’m waiting….. If you’re anything like me, this is way more complicated than I thought. Sometimes the way we see ourselves may not be the way others see us. Are we harder on ourselves than we should be? Are we more optimistic about who we are than how others experience us?

So, there I was listening to a podcast a while back (yes, one from 7 Essential Podcasts) and that was the final question. Describe yourself in 3 words. Boom. Say what, now? Boy, I started to think about it and my mind was kind of blank. Maybe I should ask my husband or some of my closest friends. Do I even know myself? I somewhat pride myself on knowing who I am.

Ironically, it wasn’t much later that I ended up doing the DISC assessment. Have you done that before? It literally gives you 3 words to describe you based upon your answers to questions… and some charting and whatnot. And guess what, I didn’t totally agree with how they described me. Can it really be that accurate?!

Ultimately, I began to see where I was in those words, but I could also see where I wasn’t. Can we fully be defined by 3 little words? Maybe not all the time and in all ways. However, it seems valuable to think about your words. I implore you to try this. What are your 3 words?

Here is the kicker, folks, you get to change your words. You are in control. After you identify your current 3 words, decide what 3 words you desire to be associated with and remembered as. What legacy of character are you investing your days to? What actions are you taking today to live up to that ideal? How will you let the words you’re seeking to become shine through you?

When you’ve made your list, tag me on IG @amberwags or on Facebook @BetterThanGoodBlog and as always, use #BetterThanGoodBlog as one of your hashtags. Muah! I can’t wait to see how your current self develops into that beautiful butterfly you have envisioned.

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