Perfecting Your Vision in 2020

Here we are embarking upon a New Year! Isn’t it wonderful to dream and plan for all the possibilities it could bring? Each new year is a unique opportunity to see things in a new way, to experience life a little bit fuller and richer than before. What changes are you planning for? How are you going to amp up your days and nights for the fullest expression of who you are and want to be?

For me, sometimes the dreaming is the fun part, but sometimes, it’s truly overwhelming. How can I possibly set 1 tiny resolution that will have the fullest impact?! This year, I decided to break life into categories and set goals or plans for each area. Since sharing goals is a great way to hold you accountable, I am going to share my categories and a goal from each area (most areas have 3 goals for the year). My hope is that this inspires you to think through your own goal-setting. After all, these aren’t resolutions. These are goals with plans in place to achieve them.

Image result for a goal without a plan is just a wish
Make a plan.

Marriage: Each month we will have 2 date nights and 2 meet-ups for either lunch or secret happy hour. (planning for this means booking babysitters in advance and looking at the calendar for possible dates or ‘roadblocks’)

Health: Run a 5k once a quarter and train for a half-marathon. (find races to participate in for the first half of the year–especially ones that include a 1 mile run for my son)

Financial: Increase retirement savings by at least 2%. (if I get a raise, I’ll automatically up my retirement so I don’t even miss it)

Family: Eat sit-down dinners together at least 4 nights a week. (plan around activities, dates, etc to be sure we have that quality time together)

House: Find 5 or 6 new bar stools. (after the kitchen renovation, we have a huge bar top area and need new stools)

Style: Make 50% of my clothing purchases from used clothing retailers. (this decreases my environmental footprint and typically saves money)

Friendships: Set-up quarterly trips to see and spend time with out of town friends.

For me, putting my ideas into categories really helped me brainstorm ideas of how to improve each area of life. Do you think this approach could help you? I have also decided that each week I will focus on one particular thing. For example, this first week I may work on planning things out on the calendar for dates with my hubs and my first 5k.

How are you going to make 2020 your clearest year yet? What goals do you have to improve your life and have a positive impact on those around you? Share out your ideas in the comments!

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