You Too Can Have a Fall Bucket List (and it doesn’t have to be lame)

When did seasonal bucket lists become a thing? Did I miss this? Was I elbow deep in diapers and it glazed over me? At any rate, apparently they’re here and I say, embrace it my ghoulish friends. Oh sure, there are the typical lists you see: pick apples, go to a pumpkin patch, drink your weight in pumpkin lattes, etc. However, can we agree that we can make it all a little more exciting than that? There is certainly nothing wrong with those activities and I will no doubt participate in some of those things with my little nuggets and enjoy every second. The following though is more my speed, my adult time loving soul needs a few of these. I bet you do too.


Find one! I promise there is one within driving distance. Let’s face it, everyone loves to close down some streets, listen to polka and drink easy drinking beers. Soft pretzels with beer cheese and all manner of ‘wursts’ does not impede the enjoyment factor. If you’re lucky, like I am here in Columbia, SC, then there are multiple options for Oktoberfestivals 🙂 When I lived in Cincinnati, there was nothing more fun than Zinzinnati. Supposedly, this is the 2nd largest Oktoberfest in the world (2nd to Munich, duh). Who knows if this is true?! Just go have fun! Stand on a table singing while slinging a stein of beer to and fro. It’ll be great!

Get Ye’to a Football Game

Football is my fall love language. I grew up in Ohio where the evening air begins to crisp up in September and the joy of jeans, sweaters, and boots is lost on no one. Now, I’m here in South Carolina where the season is nearly over before it finally cools down. Sigh. I still love football season though and it is a fall must have. The tailgating, the food, the comradery of cheering for a losing team (or winning if you’re lucky).

Bake Something Pumpkin (or Apple)

Pumpkin isn’t for everyone. I mean, I happen to love a touch of it despite the fact that pumpkin pie makes me wanna gag just to look at it, but that’s just me. I love to bake and the fact you can smell your house up with the season’s flavors and then devour the yumminess is not lost on me. Things I’ve made: pumpkin beer pretzels, pumpkin bark, and pumpkin chocolate chip bread or muffins. If you are a non-lover of the pumpkin, try out some apple samplings: apple crisp, apple cinnamon pancakes…. A spiked apple cider never hurt anyone either ;). Ok, now I’m just hungry and thirsty. If baking isn’t your thing, get yourself to your local bakery and I know they’ll have some delicious offerings.

Shop the Latest Colors or Trends

For what it’s worth, you have my permission to go shopping :). There is something just earth moving about having something in your closet with a cozy feel or delightful fall color palette. You know those sweatshirts that are cozy, yet look kind of put together? Yep, I have one of those and I wear it all the time (you know, when it finally cools down here on the surface of the sun). It’s also exciting to get a new pair of boots or booties. You know you’ll wear them with everything for a few months, it’s worth it.

Fall Beer Tasting, Anyone?

You’ve found me out. I like beer. This is so fun to do. When I lived in Charlotte (I promise I’m not a nomad), we did this with a big group of friends. Everyone brought a couple different 6 packs. We did a blind tasting using brown paper bags and little tasting cups. It was so much fun! You then vote for your favorite one and reveal the winner. A great way to find a new favorite fall beverage :). And of course, people brought delicious foods to share.

Bonfire or Firepit

Friends, I grew up in the middle of small town USA in southeastern Ohio. In high school, it wasn’t a successful weekend without a bonfire on someone’s family farm. There is something about a bonfire, or the urban version in a firepit, that just adds calming value. Watching the flames, drinking a warming beverage, laughing with friends, and by the end of the night you’re always philosophizing or getting into some type of deep conversation. Tell me this hasn’t happened to you? Obviously, these fires are always best when there’s a little nip in the air and maybe you even need a blanket. If you sit just right, some part of your body will be blazing hot while another part is chilly.

Leaf Viewing

Alright, alright. It’s possible some may think this is lame. I get it. Around here, you drive a couple hours to the mountains and the traffic is heinous with leaf gawkers. If you can be around the beauty without sitting in a line of cars, you’re winning at life. The colors can truly be breathtaking. And yes, fall leaves have a special smell too.

Chilly Morning Walk or Hike

There is nothing better than heading out for a morning walk or hike on a chilly, foggy morning. It’s downright mystical. I prefer a hike with trees all around and near silence in the air. It can almost be a little eery. Granted, the morning after Oktoberfest or your fall beer tasting is probably not the best choice of days to take this on. Your head will be foggy enough ;). The calm of the quiet, the smell of the crisp air, and personally, I think the leaves have their own smell in the fall as I mentioned above.

In the end, you get to make your own fall bucket list. These are just a few of my favorites. What will be on your fall bucket list? For real, we want more ideas and ways to soak up this glorious of all seasons!

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