Why BTG Disappeared for a Minute

I know, I disappeared for a hot minute. I haven’t been posting as much on the blog, or on social media to be honest with you. It isn’t that I ran out of things to say or that I stopped learning new things to share with you all on your Better Than Good journey. In all truth, I checked out. I checked out in a lot of ways. You could describe this season as ‘going through the motions.’ Ever been there?

I submit to you that it’s ok to check out, take a break, refocus on something else, daydream, get lost in life, etc. You may have guessed by the very content of Better Than Good Blog that I am very driven to improve all areas of my life through learning new things and trying them out. You know what, I needed a minute to not think about being better at anything and to just be. Ever been there?

Oh sure, I’ve gained a couple LBs, my house is a disaster (we started a renovation project), and we’ve eaten out way more than normal. However, what is also true is, we’re all still happy and enjoying each day. I’m taking time to realize that the number on the scale doesn’t define who I am OR my health level. The dust of the renovation is annoying, everywhere, and verifiable proof that we are beyond blessed to be able to take on this project. Eating out? Well, it’s a struggle, but how grateful am I that we can do that time to time or that we can afford to eat some of the healthier options. I’m well aware that many don’t have that option based on geography, funding, or even challenges with different allergies or health concerns. What I need some times is a minute to truly be grateful. Ever been there?

So, sorry not sorry that I checked out, disengaged, zoned out into the daily routine of full-time working mamadom. I needed it and I bet there are times when you need to just be you without so many expectations. I hear ya, friend. So, go allow yourself a little room to breathe. Take time to soak up the sunshine, a cooler morning, a kiddo that wants to snuggle, a trip to the library or bookstore, or whatever it is that makes you look around say, “wow, how blessed am I to be in this moment.”

I am looking forward to reconnecting and sharing with you so many amazing things I’ve been learning and trying. What do you want to know more about? What do you want me to share or try?

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