The Frozen To-Do List

No, I am not referring to Elsa and her power to freeze things. However, if she could freeze to-do lists, would that mean we don’t have to do them?!?Anyone feel like your list is growing and growing with no end in sight?

When Your To-Do List Has Taken Charge

Do you feel that? I’m feeling it. I feel like things are piling up. You’ve lost control and your to-do list is running you. Everyone needs something, everything needs attention, everything needs done or fixed, and it’s just this mountain of need. Don’t even mention things I want on the list, like taking dinner to a new mommy friend or sending a card to someone with a handwritten note. Even the things I enjoy doing feel like something on the list (cough, cough, writing blog posts). I’m going to be honest at the risk of sounding lazy to all of you. That huge mountainous list immobilizes me sometimes. Right now, I’m feeling it. I’m frozen. The list is frozen in time because I can’t seem to attack anything. Frozen…brrrrrrr. Solid mass of immobile energy.

The Re-Freeze

Sure, I’ll get started on a little something. One load of laundry washed, dried, folded, and even put away! Look at that, woot! The frozen mass seems to melt just a little bit. Before you know it though, it seems like I have gotten interrupted or distracted by some other to-do list need. Frankly, it makes me want to sit on the couch and stare into space or watch some kind of junk on TV. You guys know me well enough to know this isn’t my natural state. It makes me uncomfortable to feel this way even. Immobilized, re-frozen, static.

The Melt Zone

Here’s the good news, friends. We’ve all been there. I bet if you are brave enough to admit to a friend how you’re feeling, they’ll tell you they’ve been there too. My friend reminded me that shutting down for a little bit to recharge to take it all on can be a good thing. Some more good news: the melt zone is coming. You too will find a way to start melting away that frozen feeling and getting back into your groove. A little break can sometimes fuel us into figuring out a game plan, prioritizing or even just getting geared up for the challenge of it all.

In my recent Unplug to Recharge Challenge (check out the Better Than Good Blog facebook page and @amberwags on Instagram to join the next challenge), my challengers and I took on various daily challenges to help us wind-down, reflect, refocus and recharge. I loved hearing from the other challengers about their own ideas, what they tried and enjoyed during the challenge, and what changes they want to keep up with. For me, it was so valuable in such a crazy busy time of year to practice unplugging in various ways. It helped me to reduce stress and refocus in a way that fueled calm progress. However, I mistreated the experience like it was a diet. When it was over, I gorged myself on all the things that aren’t truly beneficial and I shoved the healthy habits aside. I’m ready to refocus, but in a new way that focuses on the habits that work best for me and my family.

Liquidation ~ Enjoy the Flow

I’m not sure if we ever feel pure flow and energy for long in today’s fast paced and high expectation world. As a friend pointed out, maybe it’s being a parent. I’m not sure. I think part of it is society and part of it is our own expectations for ourselves. However, when you can enjoy the flow, it is magical. When the to-do list stops feeling so burdensome and cold to the touch, you may feel you’re ready to knock more off of the list than you realized. You may just find yourself energized by the list in a new way that makes you excited to tackle something else.

What helps you to stay focused, motivated, and making progress when the list starts to get out of control?

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