FREE Easy Sunday Prep Checklist

Oh, Sundays. They are built for rest, but why do they so rarely feel restful?! There is SO much to do to prepare for the week, it may as well be a Monday. Am I right?!

Sure, there are enjoyable parts. Church is always a highlight for us and often this is a day in which we spend the afternoon in comfy clothes playing or snuggling. However, it is a flurry of activity as we prep for the week. Naturally, there are weeks in which we don’t get the prep work done for one reason or another and believe me, we all feel it. The week doesn’t go as smoothly at all. Last weekend, we went to the mountains and while we fully enjoyed it, it makes the prep work a little more difficult, yet even more important in a way. It’s time to get refocused and back into the groove.

I am including a free printable for you to get your own Sunday house in order. This helps me immensely. It is my hope and goal to help you to have a Better Than Good life and it all starts today as you prepare for an AMAZING week!

Here is my personal checklist. If it works for you, feel free to use it 🙂 Otherwise, there is a blank version below.

Here is a blank copy of the checklist so you can add your own items.

The purpose of the checklist is to really organize your thoughts and think through the prep needed for the week. It will likely go through phases of change as your months and years change as an individual or as a family. For me, it really helps to keep myself on task for the week as well. As an added bonus, it’s something concrete and easy for my husband to look at to find ways to help out, or in the rare event I’m gone on a Sunday into Monday.

I hope this FREE resource helps you (and your family if you have one) to start each week with confidence and peace of mind.

What would you add or change on your checklist? Do you have a different way to keep organized for the week? Don’t forget to check out Better Than Good Blog’s Pinterest and to pin this checklist to your own page 🙂

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