#MomLife Wins You Too Can Have

Listen, mom-ing isn’t easy. I mean, parenting, in general, can be a real ride to the looney bin. I have to say though, there are a few things I’ve thought of to do or say that I really pat myself on the back for, and I’m sharing those with you today. If there is absolutely any morsel I share with you that helps you in your parenting journey, then for me, that’s a success!

No TV Days

After my 2nd child was born, we relied on the TV a little bit too much to entertain #1 so I could meet #2’s needs. After a few weeks, I decided enough was enough. For the last 1.5 years, we have no TV days. If it starts with a T, then the TV can be enjoyed. Yes, I know this is complicated because while Thursday does start with ‘T’ it doesn’t have the hard ‘T’ sound. The educator in me enjoyed this little lesson. This weekly habit has really made us spend more time outside, reading, or playing in general. Also, their TV days are also bath days which means their TV time is shorter. Shhhhhh, don’t tell them I tricked them a little bit :). #momwin

Outdoor sandbox

When we moved into this house a little over a year ago, I made the boys a little sandbox out of an under bed bin. This has been such a huge win for us. The ‘sandbox’ is on our covered porch so that protects them from the weather a little bit. Hot summer? Turn on the ceiling fans out there. Chilly winter? Bundle up a bit, but they’re protected from any wind a little bit and it’s easy to get right back inside. Rainy? No problem, play away! That last one is huge. I taught long enough to know I’m not alone here… when it rains, the kids get squirrely and insane. #momwin

Artwork at the Island

Ok, both houses have really had more of a peninsula situation, but you get the idea. The kids love this! I tape down a big piece of paper. I use the roll from my son’s easel, but paper grocery bags work too. I put a little paint right on the paper and they go to town. Sometimes I let them use paintbrushes and sometimes they go crazy with their hands. #momwin


Anyone have kiddos that are ever afraid of monsters? It seems to come and go for us, but recently, I came up with a good monster remedy. Guys, everyone knows that monsters don’t like people who eat veggies, especially green ones. See what I did there? Those foods scare monsters away because they know you are getting stronger every time you eat them. #momwin

Kindness Superheros

I explained all this in an earlier post, so I will refer you to Clever Solutions to Encourage Kindness in Your Children. This has been a great way to identify and celebrate kindness all around us. #momwin


When our oldest son turned 3, we started him on a checklist. One side had his morning routine and the other side had his bedtime routine. He doesn’t refer to it as often as he used to, but this really helped him in the process of getting his day started and making sure he had done all the necessary things. Some of the items on the list are kind of like chores so it got him into that habit as well. Now, don’t worry. He still forgets things, but he always makes his bed. #momwin

What #momlife wins have you had? Share your tricks of the trade with us :).

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