Easy, FREE Ways to Listen to Podcasts

After my previous post 7 Essential Podcasts to Check Out Right Now! I got several questions about how and where to listen to podcasts. I got you, boo!! First off, I want to be sure you know what podcasts are. These are typically prerecorded and sometimes they are interviews, but other times, it’s like a radio show where you are enjoying the drama of a story (whether real life or otherwise). Some podcasts are all about sharing news or analyzing things, while others are helping you to learn something new on a topic. There are a lot of options for listening, so find what works best for you and your device, location, etc. Often, you have the choice of listening on an app on your phone or tablet, but there is also a website you can go to on a desktop. No matter what type of phone you have, you likely have an app pre-loaded for podcasts. Search around and you’ll find it 🙂

Apple Podcasts

If you have an apple device, then you will have Apple Podcasts available for you pre-installed. I don’t have an apple phone. I know, I know, it just isn’t my preference. No phone shaming, friends. You can stream episodes, but you can also download them to listen to later. I’m told this app is pretty no frills, so it is pretty basic. You can rewind or fast-forward if needed.

Google Music or Google Play

If you’re an Android user like me, then you have Google Play. You can search various categories for shows. You can download the latest 3 episodes, get notifications on new shows, select the order you want shows displayed and share them easily with others. You can rewind 10s or fast-forward 30s.


My personal favorite, which I know the most about, is Stitcher. I use it both as an app and as a website. You can make a favorites list for the shows you enjoy most. I loved getting a notification when a new episode was available of my favorites, but now I have so many favorites I turned that off ;). You can search very easily for shows, topics, guests or hosts, or even the top ranked shows. You can rewind 15s at a time or fast-forward 30s at a time. With Stitcher, you have the ability to stream episodes, but you can also download them for later.

I have heard great things about Overcast and Spotify for podcasts as well. They’re free, so worth checking out if you are shopping around for options. There are several paid for apps, but when you can get great content for free, why wouldn’t you. Some apps even have something called volume boost, which helps if you are listening while say, riding the subway. I don’t have this need, so I can’t say I know much about it, but it seems cool.

So, grab those earbuds, blue tooth headphones, or listen right out loud. The beauty is you can pair it with your car’s blue tooth or whatever speaker you’re using at home. You can listen while you get ready in the morning, in the car, while you cook, and even when you’re out for a walk or run (I personally love this!). I have found this to be a GREAT way to learn new information or escape into a story.

Where do you listen to your podcasts? What podcast are you loving right now? I can’t wait to check out your faves!

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