7 Essential Podcasts to Check Out Right Now!

Friends, have you been getting your podcast on? I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but I have only been listening to podcasts for maybe 1-1.5 years. I spent WAY too long missing out and I don’t want you to get left behind for one second! I bet most of you will identify with this, but I only get to listen in those rare 10 minutes I’m alone in the car or sometimes when I’m alone in the kitchen making dinner. This morning I did something wild, guys. I listened for 10 minutes while I was getting ready! Even wilder, my kids weren’t in the bathroom pulling on me or wiping snot on my pants! The following are podcasts that I guess you can say, I’m fairly addicted to.


You heard me mention Mindbodygreen in my previous post 7 Powerful Daily Emails You Will Love. There’s a podcast too! I love it! You all are aware that I am obsessed with learning about little health tidbits, but they offer even more than that in talking with industry leaders about various topics from products to aging to gut health to ways to reduce plastic use.

The School of Greatness:

Lewis Howes is the host of this informative podcast and author of the book of the same title. He interviews all types of people thus covering a lot of specific topics. The overall theme and focus is on what makes each of us great. What can we each do to become better versions of ourselves? He sets out to answer this question whether it’s fitness, health, nutrition, emotional well-being, etc.

Bigger Pockets Money:

To those of you who know me, and my husband, in particular, it is no surprise to you that I love learning about money tips. We are those people who aren’t afraid to take a non-traditional path. Ok, maybe I’m a little scared, but my ‘banker’ husband gives me confidence. This show is all about hacks people have used to earn income or grow their business. They interview people who have found ways to pull themselves out of debt. It is truly motivating and before long, you’ll be eying that outfit online and realizing that maybe you don’t need another black dress after all.

Model Health Show:

My boy Shaun Stevenson breaks it all down about health and fitness. He interviews some amazing people with personal stories or research to share that will change your world. Shaun has a quirkiness that adds a little flavor and fun. His book about sleep is a game-changer that will inspire you to try to get more, good quality Zs.


If you aren’t riding the Rachel Hollis train, it’s time to book your seat and buy the train whistle! She is amazing! She has a way of speaking right to you and pinpointing just what you need to hear. If you haven’t read Girl, Wash Your Face or Girl, Stop Apologizing then you have work to do. Through her interviews, you get to hear from some of the most uplifting and influential difference makers. You’ll end up feeling motivated and inspired.

Healthier Together:

Man, Liz Moody y’all. She gets it. She is a normal person out doing her best to be healthy and balanced. I love how laid back and real she is. She isn’t afraid to let down her guard and show emotion, insecurity, and all the things we all relate to. Not to mention, she has a great cookbook 🙂

Mind Pump: The Raw Fitness Truth

I do not remember who recommended this one, but the first episode I listened to was The 7 Deadly Fitness Lies Sold to Women. I was hooked. Yes, there is some ‘language’ on this show, but these guys really know a lot about fitness and muscle building. It is their mission to bust open lies we’ve all been fed over the years about exercise.

What podcasts are you listening to that make your life healthier, wealthier and wiser? How do you fit in time to listen, grow, and learn? I can’t wait to hear what podcasts help you on your path to Better Than Good.

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