Amazing Ways to Take Water to the Next Level

Are you still feeling meh about drinking more water? Do you still need a reminder to reach for the water? I get it. It gets boring sometimes. Whether it’s the flavor or just the routine of needing to consume so much of it each day. I wonder, if we were told to drink bubbles exclusively, would we get bored of that too?! I can’t imagine a world in which that would be true, but maybe. Below, you will find a little rundown of why and how making this little choice throughout your days will be positive in your life. Also, you’ll find a few ways to switch it up a little bit for more excitement :).


Yes, the amount of water you consume in a day does matter. A true bare minimum is half your weight in ounces. However, if it’s hot out (this summer has been rough for all of us) then you definitely need to up those ounces. If you are working out, those ounces need to go up. Have a few cool cervezas? Add more ounces of water. If your body is growing a human, you’ll need more water and yes, you may as well live in the bathroom at that point.

Ultimately, our bodies are all different, but we are all comprised of so much water. To make everything run smoothly (pun intended), we need to be sure we are drinking enough water. If you have been hitting half your body weight in ounces, it’s time to up the anty and take your weight times 0.75 to get 75% of your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 150, 150 x .75 = 112.5. So, your goal is to drink 112 or 113 ounces of water. I know that sounds like a lot, but your cells and organs will thank you :).


While quantity is important, guzzling 20oz in 10 minutes and then going a couple hours without drinking water, does not keep you hydrated. It’s important to be sipping on water throughout the day. This will allow your cells to actually take in the water more easily and put it to good use. It is recommended to take sips of water every 20 minutes. This is new information to me, so I’ll be setting myself a timer. Did you know that it only takes a 2% dip in hydration to cause brain fog? That’s roughly the hydration you experience overnight. Get that morning water in, folks!


Water quality is a significant piece of the puzzle when hydrating. There are a lot of additives even in our tap water. You can check out your water quality through or with an in-home kit. It’s important to consider what the additives in our daily water are and how they may impact our bodies. Some of these substances are considered antibiotics, which can impact your gut health. We do not currently have a water filter at our home, but it is definitely something I want to learn more about and look into. Anyone have one they love and trust?


I love to switch up my water a little bit here and there. It keeps it interesting and often adds extra vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Chia seeds: I add about 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to my morning water. I put it in the night before so the chia soaks up the water and get all gooey ooey. It is somewhat of an acquired taste, er texture as it were. These little gals are packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, omega-3s. I guess you could say, there’s not much they can’t do to improve your health.

Chia seeds add value.

Lemons or limes: I referred to this in a previous post, 3 Ways Lemon Water is a Game Changer, but this a great way to get some extra vitamin C and clean out the system while also adding some flavor. The acidity of the citrus can be hard on your teeth, so it is recommended you rinse your mouth with plain water afterward.

Salt: Yep, you read that correctly. A pinch of Himalayan salt will add a bit of flavor to your water, but also minerals which supposedly help balance out your electrolytes. Put down that Gatorade and drink some salty water!

Supergreens Powder: I’ve tried a few of these and the one I like is Ancient Nutrition’s Organic SuperGreens. It has a peppery flavor to it that adds some zing. You do have to stir it before each sip for the best flavor and texture. I am sure it would be great in a smoothie!

Collagen: Personally, I add this into my coffee, but you can also put it into your water. Who doesn’t want to up their collagen levels? Quality does matter with this, so keep that in mind. I use Ancient Nutrition’s Keto Collagen because I like that it has Coconut MCT’s in it (another health benefit). Collagen isn’t just good for your skin, but your bones, joints, and gut biome. They say it helps with weight management, but be aware that it does punch about 90 calories in one serving.

So, how do you take your water? What differences are you noticing in your own body?

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