Easy! 6 Powerful Ways to Unplug

It is SO easy to become overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done, should be done, could be done… on and on the list goes like a drugstore receipt! Can you relate?

There is so much ‘power’ in this quote (pun intended). We go, go, go and are in constant connection with the world and others. Everyone carries a portable device of connection. We so often feel like we are on-demand just like a show whatever TV platform you’re using has. If someone needs or wants to get in touch with us, we are expected to be accessible. Right then. There are even people who feel put out if you don’t answer their text or call within minutes. All that pressure can certainly reach a boiling point, bubbling up all over the place creating quite the hot mess. How about that for a visual?! Talk about connection drain.

So, here I am, imploring each of you to find the time to step away from it all and truly unplug. Sure, a few minutes every day is great and if that’s all you can spare right now, then do that. Sitting in silence, without your phone, computer, TV or any other technology can renew your soul. Taking the time to soak in your surroundings, to focus on your blessings, to have a minute to think through life, can really recharge the spirit. If you have the chance to truly unplug for a whole day or longer, image how freeing that would be. Image the space you will create to really connect with yourself, the environment, and those you love.

A Few Ideas:

  • Put phones in a drawer or basket every evening from dinner until the kids are in bed. If you don’t have kiddos, give yourself a solid 2-3 hour break. This creates space to soak in life right in front of your eyes. Be present in those moments to appreciate your food’s taste and texture. Appreciate that moment with your lover, friend, or fur baby who is eyeing you and your food.
  • Have a couple nights a week in which you do not watch TV. You can even extend that to not checking emails or social media on those days. This creates the space for all sorts of possibilities.
  • Spend some time outside each day. Maybe that means a walk in your neighborhood or playing in the yard with your kids or fur baby. Nature has renewing abilities.
  • Make time for yoga or meditation. Even just 10 minutes a day can allow your mind the freedom to focus on gratitude. A walk can even be meditative. I find that counting the seconds of my breath in and breath out forces me to keep my mind off other things.
  • Create something. Write, paint, draw, cook, decorate, etc. Immersing yourself in a creative pursuit is a wonderful way to free your mind from clutter.
  • Travel somewhere with terrible cell reception :). I’m only partially kidding here. When I go to visit my family, head to the mountains, or take a trip abroad, it gives me such freedom to not have the full capability to check my phone, email, social media, etc. How refreshing is that?!

Finding this time can be rare. When I have been able to pull this off, whether for an hour or a whole day, it forces me to be more present in the moment. It provides me with the head-space I need to soak up God’s goodness around me with such immense gratitude. No matter what your belief system, the more gratitude I feel and recognize, the brighter and happier my days.

How do you unplug? What changes do you notice to your mind and body when you take this time away?

August will be all about unplugging to gear up for the busyness of a new school year. Please join the email list so you don’t get left behind :). You will amazed by how good you’ll feel!

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