3 Ways Lemon Water is a Game Changer

Water. It is so essential to our body functioning at its best. In Your Water Consumption Needs, I outlined some of the reasons we need water and how I attempt to guzzle my ounces each day. However, it doesn’t have to be plain, flat water. Here are 3 reasons and ways to enjoy your water with a lemony kick.

  1. Lemon and water work within the liver to help get all the gunk out of your system more efficiently. Cleansing out your system helps reduce the possibility for builds up that may lead to disease. This works even better when you heat the water a bit, but not too hot or you may damage some of the goodness. Adding a dash of cayenne with your warm lemon water can further increase the benefits and increase your metabolism a smidge. Who doesn’t like that?!
  2. Adding lemon (cucumber and fruit are options too) can really help make the water more enjoyable. I personally find water with cucumber to be especially refreshing on a hot day. When you like the taste of your water, you’ll drink more of it… winning! And… using real produce in your water is definitely better than the fake stuff.
  3. An extra shot of Vitamin C found in lemon is valuable to your system. The antioxidant power can help protect our cells and may even have a positive impact on our skin. This vitamin is needed for collagen production, so possibly your lemon water is fighting your wrinkles!

Note that a single lemon wedge is not enough for any of these benefits. You’ll want to squeeze in at least half a lemon and some studies show you actually need to consume some of the zest. Whether you zest or not, remember to wash your produce before slicing, dicing, and throwing them in. Lemons can be hard on the enamel of your teeth, so be sure to rinse with regular old H2O.

My Personal Lemon Water Experience

To be clear, this isn’t my first tryst with lemon water. However, it’s been quite a while since I have drunk it consistently at all. For the past week, I have been drinking warm lemon water with cayenne each morning. As you know from My Morning Ritual Reality, I start my day immediately with 8oz of room temperature water. So, it is post-morning ritual in which I have my lemon water. Typically, once the kids are up and I’m downstairs getting their breakfast needs in order. For me, I find 1 coffee mug to be the perfect temperature after 1 minute in the microwave. It is warm, but not hot. I started with 1/4 of a large lemon and have moved up to using 1/2 of the same sized lemon. Size really does matter here, people (that’s what she said ~ sorry not sorry, I couldn’t help myself). If you have small lemons, you may want to use the whole thing. Also, do remember to rinse your mouth with a quick swish of plain water afterward to protect your enamel. For me, the perfect amount of cayenne is just a pinch, so less than even 1/8t. However, adjust for your own needs and lemon water is valuable even without the cayenne.

Now that we have all those details out of the way, let’s get down to what I’ve noticed.

  • 1. TMI, but it does clean me out. I feel like that’s a pretty good way to start the day. A clean slate so to speak.
  • 2. My skin appears less dry and I can’t be certain the lemon is at all involved or if it has to do with the amount of water in general I am drinking. #WaterChallenge
  • 3. This is a weird one, but it feels like I get a little boost of energy as though I were drinking caffeine.
  • 4. When I put fruit in water overnight, it is such a treat the next day. I feel like the enjoyment factor is at a whole new level, but add fruit to some ‘bubbly’ water and wowza!

What’s your favorite water drink? Does adding lemon help you to feel better in any way?

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