7 Powerful Daily Emails You Will Love

I know, I know. You get so many emails that you start not even looking at them and before you know it, you have 15,000 emails sitting there. I love J.Crew as much as the next person, but it isn’t their emails that cause me to hit the pause button day after day. Ok, sometimes it works. However, the following are emails I receive daily, or weekly, that really make a positive impact in my life and I believe they will for you as well. You know it’s good when you open it, read a little bit, and then mark it as unread or important so you’ll go back to it later more easily… you know, when you have free time ;).

Click the links to sign-up for the emails you too want to sink your teeth into.

  • Seeds of Success and Inside Success I love these emails! There is so much inspiration and motivation found within each email. Not to mention, some great quotes from some really amazing folks.
  • The Discoverer Blog My word, for those of you who are always jonesing for a vacay like me, this will be your jam! Sometimes it may reference spots close-by for you to check out, but you will also find amazing pictures and details about faraway lands offering just the right amount of adventure for your liking.
  • Mindbodygreen If you are into wellness, there is so much to discover here. The topics are vast as they hit on parenting, food, exercise, the environment, etc. They provide so much awesome information you’ll probably have to pick and choose.
  • Rank & Style I love a top 10 list, don’t you?! These lists are primarily to do with clothing, accessories, and beauty picks, but I love the top 10 format because I can do a quick scan to see what interests me.
  • Scary Mommy This is the website with those mommy articles you read and maybe you laugh or cry, but at the end you find yourself saying, “Amen!”
  • Red Tricycle This is another great site and email for getting ideas of things to do, products to try, etc. that are all family based. I have found some awesome ideas on here for keeping the kiddos busy and we all know that is a win!
  • COLAtoday Ok, if you don’t live in or around Columbia, SC then this one may not interest you as much. However, I would encourage you to both take advantage of something similar in or near your city and also, to check out how awesome Columbia is!

Truth be told, I could add others to this list, but who has time for all those emails?! Some days provide more time to scroll through than others, of course. Each of these do provide me with a lot towards my Better Than Good. What emails are you drawn into?

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