How “I’m Tired” is the New “I’m Busy”

Guilty. I know I’ve said it before “I’m so busy right now” or “Man, I’m just so tired.” Frankly, I’m not sure I know anyone I haven’t heard this from at some point…. Be honest, any of you NOT grumbled these words?

I’ve purposely been trying to not say these things so much lately. You know why? Because it’s such a cop out. We’ve all been on the receiving end of this and likely, we’ve all dished it out too. These are the words used when people want an excuse. An excuse for not being their fullest self, or a good friend, or making healthy choices, etc. There are millions of different reasons these phrases are slung around. Sometimes we say them because we straight up don’t want to do something. Have you been there?

To all those I’ve offended with these phrases, I am truly sorry. Being on the receiving end of it is not a fun time. It’s almost like saying your life is so much busier and more complex than the other person’s. Newsflash, this is not true. We are all busy and we are all tired. However, we mostly do it to ourselves. How many of you overbook yourselves? Constantly going here, there, and everywhere to do all the things with all the people. It’s almost like there is an underlying sense of value if you’re busy. Maybe, and this is totally a maybe here, being too busy is actually a sign that you’re spinning out of control a bit. Perhaps the expectations you are setting for yourself are creating more chaos than joy.

You know why you’re such a busy bee? Because you are choosing to fill every weekend with trips which then makes your laundry and household chores back up on you. Or because you are involving your children in 5 different after school activities which then bleed into the weekend. Or because you signed up to train for a marathon while you are also working on your master’s degree. And truthfully, friend, all that ‘busyness’ is making you tired.

My point is, we can choose to slow down. We can choose to say “no” sometimes. Maybe you’re busy because you are spending 2hrs a night watching some show you’re obsessed with and then that makes you tired the next day. Is it possible the show you are watching isn’t helping you to relax or maybe that 2hrs is just too long? If what you are choosing to do with your time is not bringing you joy, relaxation, and inspiration, Marie Kondo it out your life.

There are a lot of non-negotiables in life, right? We have to go to work, we have to eat every day, I guess people expect us to wear clothes in public (eye roll). At any rate, even within those ‘have to do’ items, we get to choose. For example, we can choose complex meals that require lots of clean up (guilty!) or we can choose to meal prep ahead of time, choose something easy… or get takeout! It’s a choice. We can choose to wear clothes that require ironing or we can get wrinkle free. There are choices. If work is totally overwhelming, maybe a different opportunity is a better fit. Choices.

Clear a little calendar space 🙂

I guess what I’m getting at here, is that we have the power of choice in our lives. It is not easy, that’s for sure. But, it is there. No one’s life is more important than yours, so take control of it and choose the level of busy and tired that you can accept. If it starts to get out of hand again, maybe it’s time to reevaluate. Is possible that clearing up some space on your calendar will provide you with more joy and sustenance than filling it up?

What do you do that makes you ‘too busy’ or ‘too tired’ to enjoy life fully? I can’t wait to hear so we can work on it together! A Better Than Good life awaits us, so let’s schedule it in.

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