Your Water Consumption Needs

How much water are you drinking in a day? Do you keep track? Please note, I am not a doctor, but I have done some reading, listening, and research about water.  We’ve all heard the importance of consuming water our whole lives, I’m sure. Often, it is recommended to drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 150lbs, you’d drink 75oz. However, this doesn’t take into account what you’re eating, the weather where you live, or if you are working out (…or consuming alcohol). And ladies, our bodies need more water than our male counterparts! You may actually need to drink more than half your body weight.  Eeks!

Why is water so important to our bodies?  Well, I’ve always been taught we are roughly 70% water in body composition. Different areas of the body may be more or less than that percentage to function fully. So, we want to replenish water to keep all our cells and organs working properly which greatly impacts our bodily functions.

Yes, I use my 27oz Klean Kanteen nearly every day 🙂

I consume a bare minimum of 8oz of water (usually it’s more like 20-30oz) in the first 30mins of getting up in the morning before I have any coffee. Yes, this means having my water bottle filled before bed each night so I can wake right up to it. I have been doing this for a few months at this point, and here’s what I have personally noticed.

  1. I feel more awake and focused on the mornings I get my water in.
  2. My body ‘regulates’ itself better when I consume enough water.
  3. My skin looks and feels better.
  4. After a workout, I feel like sore muscles recover faster.
  5. Supposedly, water consumption helps your metabolism, but I can’t vouch for this.
  6. Drinking water helps me to more easily stay within my IF eating window.

I’ve recently been thinking about how our quality of water could impact the benefits of drinking more water. Let’s face it, not all tap water is created equally. Check out Environmental Working Group for the safety of your local tap water.

Are you getting enough daily water? I would love to hear how you feel after a week of drinking 8oz of water first thing each morning! This may just be one huge factor in you living a Better Than Good life :).

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