Little Humans

Well, the truth is out, my 2 boys are little humans. They will choose candy over almost anything else for their snack or meal. They don’t always (ok, rarely) put their clothes where they are supposed to at the end of the day. They get upset when they are misunderstood. They display frustration when they don’t get their way, often in the form of crying and screaming (insert authoritative foot stomp). They lollygag every time we need to leave the house. You know the shoe game that ensues…

This isn’t that far off from the adults I know, to be honest. I am certainly not ever like this, cough cough. I always have the exact words I need to express myself when I am disappointed or downright pissed. Such a total lie right there! I am the queen of holding it in, but mostly because I’m afraid I’ll say something I don’t really mean. It takes me time to process things, to find the right words, to decide whether or not something is worth my response or not. It seems this is likely a skill that has to be taught, eh?

Though I do love brain research, I am not a certified expert. This process of expressing emotions takes a lot of time and yes, practice. These little humans require us to scaffold for them what they may be feeling and reflect for them our understanding while demonstrating how to express the emotion in a different way. Sometimes, this sure feels impossible. Please tell me I’m not the only one losing their cool when their youngster pops out of bed for the millionth time an hour after bedtime. Am I the only one unable to stay calm from time to time when my sweet little one is losing their mind as they toss food all over the floor?

The truth is, they really are little humans. They have big emotions, big needs, big wants, and big dreams just like the rest of us. The only difference is, they are very much in the process of learning how to express themselves. It is up to us to model how to deal with those feelings and frankly, I’m often pretty sure I’m failing. After all, aren’t we all constantly learning new tricks to handle our emotions, needs, wants, and dreams more effectively? Don’t we all fail miserably and regroup to try again?

How do you keep your cool when frustrations are piling up for you with your little humans?

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