How I Faced Fear

This is scary as H.E. double hockey sticks, people. Maybe the title should be ‘How I Am Facing My Fear.’ It is a super vulnerable space to be in sharing your thoughts and ideas with others openly. I mean, hello judgment possibilities. I know you’ve felt that before, right? It’s a little bit like being afraid to raise your hand in class for fear that your ideas on the subject may not be correct and what if everyone then thinks you’re a weirdo or a total nimrod?! Aaaaaaaaargh! Better to just sit quietly and disengaged. NO!

The truth is, fear is an unlimited thing. We tend to have fear levels in abundance it seems. I think this is because we have limitless opportunities and options for greatness. Which in turn also means, limitless options for perceived failure. How can we eradicate our fears? The image below really sets my heart on fire! Where we focus our attention is what grows and blossoms. What a relief and inspiration to know that you have the control! You can grab ahold of fear and not let it grab ahold of you.

In this 43rd year of existence on this planet, it is my goal to face fears by focusing more on my dreams and seeking out the God-given greatness that is within me. You have it too! This also means having the courage to do some things that I find terrifying. I’m not talking about base jumping here, folks. If you are into that, all the more power to you. I’m talking about things I fear because of possible judgment. For example, writing this blog and sharing my thoughts and habits on different topics was scary to me. This is why I spent an entire year thinking about it before I took action to do it. It is a vulnerable feeling, but also a powerful one to know that someone out there is feeling encouraged by something I have written. A few days ago, I did my first ever Facebook Live. It was scary and out of my comfort zone for sure, but I did it and now, that fear doesn’t have space in my mind anymore.

I encourage you to read 7 Brave Steps to Become Fearless. We really have an amazing opportunity to face our fears and redirect that energy into growing the best, most realized versions of ourselves. Start training that bravery muscle and watch as your fear shrinks a bit in response.

What are you afraid of? What fears have you faced and grown from?

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