Why Are We All So Judgmental?

It’s easy to say you’re not a judgmental person, but I think we all are, on some level or another. Can you honestly say you never see someone in an outfit and inwardly think, “what in the world?” Or maybe someone spends a bunch of money on a fancy new car and you wonder why they would spend money on that? Or a parent at the store has a kid screaming and you wonder why they aren’t hauling them on out of there?

I think it’s natural, right? We see things around us all the time that aren’t the same as what we would choose or what we feel is appropriate for us. The key here is in the fact that it isn’t right for US. Ourselves. What is right for another person isn’t, and shouldn’t be, left up to us. After all, we don’t have all the details. We don’t live in their reality each and every day. We never know their whole story and we rarely know the whole story for ourselves even.

I remember saying that I felt ok knowing that other people would judge me for any number of reasons, and I still am. One thing I am sure of, is that I wear something, do something, or say something that someone else would not agree with and that’s ok with me. You see, I don’t think we live in a world of a ton of distinct wrongs and rights. There are a lot of gray zones. Like, a lot. Very often, it’s about doing what is right or best for your family. And more often than not, I do believe most people are truly doing the best they know how in that moment. I believe it is up to each individual to seek and live their own truth.

Comparison is truly the death of joy. These little ‘judgments’ of others seem like one way we try to make ourselves feel a little better in some way. After all, if we can judge what someone else is doing, perhaps we aren’t looking closely enough at our own choices. Maybe it is a way we set ourselves apart from those around us by distancing who we are from who they are. The reality is, we are all made differently and that is a beautiful rainbow for each of us to enjoy.

Can we all agree that it’s ok to be different and to make different choices? How do you react when you find yourself judging someone else?

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