Sunday Night Reflection

Oh, those rare peaceful moments when the boys are asleep (ok in bed at least), the kitchen is clean (disregard the giant stack of mail and papers), and you’re in bed with Crest Whitestrips on before 8:30 p.m. Guys, this is winning!

Mind you, less than 2 hrs ago, both kids were screaming and I had to chug a beer while making lunches for my husband and I just to get by (that’s right, lunches even!) Who am I right now?!

Don’t let anyone fool you. No one has it together all of the time. For me, frankly, it’s hit or miss. Prepping food for the week on Sundays sure helps a lot, but it’s basically like you have to prep to prep. Know what I mean? Here’s a secret though, prepping doesn’t require a recipe. Every week, I make sure we have raw veggies chopped which can either be used to cook with, in a salad, or to dip in hummus as part of lunch. We roast or grill a bunch of veggies as often as possible too. This makes for an easy topping for a lunch salad or a side dish with dinner. A rotisserie chicken is another secret weapon on a busy week to create easy meals. My point is, fancy isn’t necessary.

We are just like everyone else. Things fall apart or fall short more often that they don’t, but isn’t it fun to bask in the quiet moments when you really do feel like you have it all together?

Never mind, short lived basking here. Our big boy is out of his room yet again and I just spilled water all over my book.

What is your #1 must do on a Sunday to feel prepared for the week?

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