Mom-Brain: The Reality

I had this post all planned out, but then I totally forgot what I was going to say… I guess I started thinking about what to make for dinner. Does anyone else feel like 75% of their lifeblood is devoted to feeding people? But seriously, my thoughts are so often consumed with so many things, I don’t know if I ever have a deep thought anymore. Please tell me I’m not alone.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I love to read motivational quotes or books. Sometimes I take in the material and am left almost realizing my emptiness. What do I even think about anymore? I used to be able to hold deep meaningful conversations about music, books, or my reaction/understanding about many topics. Now, uhhhhhhhhh…

Again, what do I even think about anymore? You know what I think about, every detail of our lives as a family. And I do mean every detail.

All things food

Like I mentioned earlier, I bet 75% of my life is planning meals, making grocery lists, looking at recipes, learning about how certain foods impact us, cooking, and then cleaning up. For real, people. I realize that I love food and I love eating healthy, but it’s a bit ridiculous. There are weeks I say I’m not going to cook. “I’m done cooking and cleaning” I’ll say. Guess what happens? The next day I’ll take what could be a simple meal of Trader Joe’s Tamales and decide we need rice and beans with it. Oh, and maybe a nice homemade salsa. What is wrong with me?!

Childcare needs

Well, whether you have human children or fur babies, they need things. Things like food, toys, clothes. You have to get them a sitter when you’re going out of town without them or have an event to attend. There is paperwork, tons and tons of paperwork. Every day they may need something special like a packed lunch, bottles, diapers, a blanket for nap time, etc. The list could truly be extensive. Special events pop-up and they need money for the field trip or they have to wear a certain shirt that day. Again, extensive. What am I forgetting here?!

Chores, chores, and more chores

Always more dishes!

Yep, they’re always there. Lurking. I mean part of the chores list is the above-mentioned items. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, packing up the things they need each day, laundry so they aren’t naked. It’s just never done. Ever. If you aren’t currently working on one of the plethora of chores available to you, then you should feel guilty. I’m kidding! But, chances are, you do. Why can’t our brains relax?!

Don’t forget to make plans!

That’s right, friends. Single, married, kids, no kids. It doesn’t matter. YOU are expected to have plans and they had better be fun! Get those events on the calendar. Don’t get me started on my calendar (thank you, Google). It’s important to have fun and doing something new and interesting is good for our brains and bodies no matter what age we are. It is a lot to keep track of though, isn’t it?

Is it impossible to have a deep thought after all that? Is it possible to string together an analysis of the world around you with all that is swimming around in there regarding day to day tasks? I know some of you are brilliant at it, please share what works for you. When do you find your mind digging in deep on a topic?

2 thoughts on “Mom-Brain: The Reality

  1. It is hard to complete a though let alone dig deep into it! Having a good support system helps me. Sharing and taking when time allows gives me a little time to complete and think!


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