Simple Not Easy

Phew! That sure does apply to a lot, doesn’t it? There are so many things that are simple, but they sure aren’t easy. For example, it is extremely simple, stay within your budget and you’ll benefit down the line with more retirement, or money for a vacation, or simply being debt free. Simple, right? Not easy. It’s so simple that if you want to be and feel healthy, you’ll need to put healthy foods into your body and reduce or eliminate some of the unhealthy stuff. It’s simple but sure isn’t easy.

Are our days a series of ‘Simple Not Easy’ events and choices? Staying calm when your kids are screaming at you or some guy cuts you off on the road seems simple. Then, at the moment, you’re trying to get dinner ready or you’re flustered because you’re late for an appointment and that simple task of breathing and maintaining calm… well, it isn’t easy and it goes out the window.

How can we make all these simple things easier? I don’t have an answer. I have a hunch though, that it means slowing down. It might just be that we are expecting way too much of ourselves. Multitasking may be necessary often, but maybe it’s the root of the problem. If we consciously slow down and reduce our self-imposed expectations, do things start to feel a bit more simple? Sub-question, does living more simply help us to live Better Than Good?

What helps you to keep things a little more simple and easy? I challenge you to find 1 thing you can make more simple in your life for a week and see how it impacts you and those around you.

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