Time Away = Sanity

Sigh…. Sunday night after a weekend away with my husband. Trying to get back into the routine of preparing everyone for the week ahead while attempting to soak up these last few moments of rest.

It is really easy to get caught up in the routines of life and before you know it, you’ve barely had a chance to chat with your partner. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of things in life that are more like getting through the motions than truly enjoying it. I find that my sanity is best supported when we get a chance to escape together. Sometimes, a secret happy hour is all we need, but every once in a while a night or two away really does the trick.

This weekend, my husband and I got away for 48 glorious hours. We have planned for it for months and it was so worth it. It was life-affirming, re-energizing, and completely exhausting in the most wonderful of ways. Breaking free from our typical routine really allowed us to reconnect as a couple. We shopped, we ate, we drank, we paddle-boarded, we went on a boat ride, we did all the things that help us to feel full of blessings and love. We kept saying to each other, “How lucky are we?”

Getting a chance to focus on your relationship outside of parenting is key for us. Just a couple days to not think about what little humans need or want gives your mind, heart, and soul the time to focus on your partner fully. We love to go back to the things we used to do before having children that helped us to bond in the first place. If you haven’t read 7 Dates with Your Lover that Will Fuel the Fire, then that’s a good spot to gather ideas of what may work best for you in your relationship.

My drink of summer, an Aperol Spritz.

While we were away, we talked about our kids and told funny stories about what they’re doing and saying these days. Usually, date nights are a no kids zone as far as conversation goes. However, we mostly took time to dream, plan, and count our blessings. We took the time to appreciate each other and what draws us together. As we looked at one another, we got the chance to pause and focus on the love we share. It was like dating again. Truly. In those moments, we weren’t thinking about why someone is crying or whether there is a load of laundry rotting in the washer or who needs a snack and what options to offer. No, this was a time in which we got to breathe in the love we have for one another.

When we got home yesterday from just 48 hours away, we were greeted with so much love and snuggles. Such cuties wanting all the cuddles! It was clear we were all glad to see each other and it was also clear we had all had an amazing time apart. After all, they got to go to the dinosaur exhibit at Riverbanks Zoo and eat cotton candy! It is with a full heart that we start this week, back into our routines, a little fuller with an appreciation for each other. A little more relaxed. A little more grateful.

What trips or activities do you enjoy to reconnect with your loved one? You know I’m always looking for fun ideas :).

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