42 is the New 42

Do we as a society spend too much time focused on youth? Shouldn’t we honor the experiences that bring us so much wisdom?

Owning and Loving My Age

I’m officially 42. Today. June 14th, 2019. You’ve got it, I’m a ’77 model. My dad always talks about being a Model ’38 :). Isn’t it interesting how your perception of age changes as both you age and those around you do? I’m astounded by it. My dad is turning 81 in August and I remember thinking that was ancient when I was a kid. Now, I see how vibrant my dad is, and I think how disheartening it is that some don’t want to make it that far along the path. Here is a man who walks 4 miles a day (8 if it’s too cold to go the day before) and is currently building us a dining room table from a tree. From a tree! All the steps that have to be taken to get that tree to boards and into a table, he’s doing. What in the world?! I want to be him when I grow up, but that is a whole other post.

The gorgeous bed and side tables Dad built us.

42. Yep, that’s the number and I love it! I have never been super impacted by age, to be honest. I, again, think some of that has to do with watching my parents. However, some of it is the joy of aging. For real, joy! I know some people don’t feel this way, but man, what an incredible honor it is. We still get to make choices each and every day, to make mistakes, to correct those mistakes, to love and laugh, to work towards our Better Than Good. Sigh… my heart is so full by all this potential and the love I have for making a positive impact in the lives of my family, but also in those around me and in the world. I’ve lived another year in this pursuit. What an honor!

42. It is interesting at times, looking in the mirror. It can be tough. I see lines that weren’t there before. My body has changed (check out Embracing Your Mom-bod). Most importantly, my mind has changed, grown, and developed. If you allow it, you truly do become wiser, more seasoned, more attuned to yourself. I know myself in a way I definitely didn’t at 18, 25, 30, or even 35, and I am sure I will evolve between now and 50 (and then again, and again, and again). If you are 35 right now, seriously, I know you will call me in 7 years and tell me you’ve changed in a multitude of ways. I am not saying you can’t know yourself at those ages. You can and you might, but even then, you will evolve. I know I have a ton year to year. Every age and stage has value. Something about aging makes you want to be your best self in a way that you didn’t focus on when you were younger. There is a confidence there that I can’t explain. I wouldn’t say I give zero F’s about anyone’s thoughts, but generally speaking, I do know exactly whose perceptions matter most to me.

No one should care too much about what other people think about them, because chances are, those people don’t even know what they think about themselves. Am I right?! You get homework, I get homework, everybody gets homework!!! Learn about yourself. Do the work. Keep learning about yourself and deciding who you want to become. Rachel Hollis had it right in Girl, Wash Your Face:

It’s true. When you get to a place in which you are more and more authentically you, it is life changing. I’m still working on it and I think that’s what keeps people moving, alive, and seeking their path. No matter what your age, ‘young’ or ‘old…er’, you have power. You have value. You freakin’ matter! Every stage is important in life. And I am super pumped about mine!

What stage of life are you in? What are you looking forward to? How will you make this stage, right now, Better Than Good?

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