My Morning Ritual Reality

If you haven’t checked out my earlier post 7 Questions for Impactful Morning Rituals, this is where those questions lead me.

Disclaimer: These things happen in an ideal world in which there are no random interruptions. So, you know, it happens exactly like this about twice a week if I’m lucky ;).

9:00pm (yes, remember the morning ritual starts at night) I am in bed reading, scrolling social, whatever.

9:30-45pm Lights out.

5:25am Alarm goes off and while I may lay there 5mins convincing myself to get up, I do actually get up.

5:30am Brush my teeth. Doing this helps me to feel more awake. Maybe it’s the minty freshness. I start drinking my water and immediately take it at least 8oz. Why you ask. Well, you’ve been asleep for 7-8hrs dehydrating your cells. It’s time to activate those guys!

My Klean Kanteen is 27oz of ‘Rescue Water’

5:35am Pull up Sarah Beth Morning Yoga on Youtube and complete a 10-15mins session.

5:45-50am Get in the shower. While I am showering, I set my intentions for the day, pray, or think about what’s on the calendar.

6amish Start drying my hair, if I actually washed it, or start putting on my face. This is my favorite dry shampoo by Husk.

By 6:30am if someone else isn’t up, it’s a true miracle. I’d call it a Christmas Miracle, but those kids are not sleeping in on Christmas, let’s get real. If I have extra time for some reason, like I didn’t have to wash my hair, I make sure my husband and I have lunches ready and the coffee is brewed. The dog gets let out and if I’m really lucky, some type of chore gets at least started.

What does your morning ritual look like?

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