3 Hacks for Easier Mornings with Your Littles

Whether you work outside of the home or not, we all know the struggle. You’re trying to get everyone up, fed, dressed, maybe even brush their hair and teeth…if you’re some kind of super mom. Sigh, it’s nearly impossible.

There are a million ways to try to make the morning run a little smoother, but here are 3 that work for us.

#1. Have a quick breakfast ready to go that those sweet little nuggets will actually eat.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually have time to whip up eggs and bacon before we head out the door. So, a couple of things I like to do are making a large batch of pancakes to freeze that I can zap really quickly in the morning for them to eat. I make the mix at home so I can control the ingredients.

Pancakes for the win!

Another option they love, are egg muffins. These are great because I can stuff them with all kinds of veggies and they gobble them up.

Egg cups, egg muffins, egg bites…you get the idea

#2. Start putting the kids in charge.

I know, it sounds dangerous! Once my oldest turned 3, we started him on a morning and nighttime checklist to keep him organized with his tasks. He loves to verbally check things off the list and it helps keep us all organized so we don’t forget something. It is easy to adjust for what works for your family and age of children, but giving them some power helps a lot.

Morning Checklist

#3. Plan their outfits ahead of time.

We have a day of the week sorter like this one to keep their outfits ready and laid out. I find when I get their clothes organized on Sunday for the week, our mornings go much smoother. Plus, Daddy doesn’t get confused about who is wearing what. Don’t forget to check the weather, I’ve made that mistake before :).

How are you getting life organized with your little ones to make for sunnier mornings?

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