Do You Have Big Dreams?

You know that moment(s) when someone asks a question and you think you should have an answer, but you just don’t? A couple questions kept coming up in my life in various ways. Eventually, I thought, “Ok, God, I hear you.” The questions were: What is your dream? What are your goals?

Hmmmmmm…. Uhhhhhh…. Crickets of thought. I keep people fed and alive every day. Does that count? Sometimes they’re even clothed! Score! I’m a mom, am I even allowed to have goals and dreams?

A song lyric that really hit me is from Sir Sly’s “& Run” that goes:

Happy, but a little lost. Well, I don't know what I don't know so I kick my shoes off & run.

I seriously started to panic. All of a sudden, everywhere I turned, goals, dreams, ambitions~it was all in my face. I’m very much stumbling through this discovery. An email ended up in my inbox with this subject line, “(you can’t) find your passion.” What?! My heart started beating quickly and I had to force myself to take a deep breath. True story. Apparently, as this article claims, passions aren’t found, they’re developed. They are developed over time and with effort, focus, and experimentation. How do you know what to develop?

A page from I Knew You Could by Craig Dorfman. Buy this book to read to your kiddos!

I started to feel nudges that could only be coming from God. It’s ok to be afraid, but it’s time to go for it, is what He seemed to be telling me. Writing and blogging seemed to be the place to start for me. So here I am, developing my passion for writing and fighting the fear. Sharing and connecting with others is what I enjoy. I love to learn and teach through sharing information with other people to help them have the best life experience possible. I believe we are all in this crazy, beautiful life together and if we can find the little tidbits that help us to enjoy each step and be a positive voice for those around us, then we are winning.

Do you have big dreams? Do you have a passion you are ready to nurture? I can’t wait to hear what brings you joy and how you’re going after it!

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