Embracing Your Mom-bod

Snowballs in Action…

It’s all the little things, isn’t it? Those little decisions that add up to a big impact. After all, that giant pile of laundry wasn’t built in a day, but multiple days of a few socks here, some PJs, a dirt-covered shirt there until the pile has magically tripled overnight it seems. Little things really do add up. I skip 1 little workout and before I know it, it has been weeks since I’ve worked out. How does that happen?! 1 delicious brownie turns into 3. You get the point.

The same thing is true for positive changes though and I personally find that uber encouraging. We get to choose all these little moments that can add up to a snowball of impactful action. One of the biggest powers of change, in my opinion, is one of the hardest to be consistent with and that, my friends, is having confidence in your own body. It’s hard, isn’t it? We’ve been lambasted with images of all these women who either have a personal chef and trainer or just crazy insane genes. We as women have been given these completely unrealistic views of what a woman’s body is meant to look like at any given age. I remember when I was in high school getting Seventeen magazine and thinking that’s what my body should look like. I felt terrible about myself and completely self-conscious that nearly no one else had been ‘blessed’ by my large chest. I tried to hide it the best I could for sure.

Here I am, nearly 42 years old, 2 children and a miscarriage later and wishing I had loved the body I had for all those years. My body has changed and I’m not sure it’ll ever be the same as it was. The question is, should it be? Should we even aim for it to be the same? Should our goal really be so focused on what we see in the mirror?

I am challenging myself, and now you, friend, to start embracing those changes and embracing your mom-bod (and truthfully you don’t have to be a mom to experience this mental shift, y’all). Our bodies do SO much for us, let’s start focusing on what we can do for it. That’s right, I’m talking about those little choices that help us to feel strong and alive.

…Not in Shape.

Yes, this is a saying my husband and I have. “Let’s be snowballs in action, not in shape” we’ll say to each other. It has less to do with meeting some ridiculous standard of thinness, but more to do with feeling strong and making incremental changes and choices that add up in a positive, healthy way. Some of the things I do that snowball together are: drink water immediately upon waking up (I aim for at least 12 ounces), get 10mins of morning activity (yoga stretching counts!), eat 1 leafy green salad a day, and attempt to get 10k steps a day (I often fall short, so don’t beat yourself up). I do feel like when I complete these things I feel more focused, more energized, more positive, and most importantly, more confident.

At the end of a month long push-up challenge. Be sure to ask me about the next one 🙂

So, I challenge you to get into your birthday suit and look in the mirror. Celebrate what your body has done for you today and all your yesterdays while planning how to care for and challenge yourself in the days ahead. Confidence doesn’t mean you’ve given up on improvements, but that you are better than good with the stage you are in. Give yourself some grace. I don’t look the way I did 5 years ago and I don’t look like that beautiful girl I see on Instagram using a million filters from California, but my new reality is strong and has made these little humans. My new reality strives for inner health by fueling my body with goodness, but still overdoses on chocolate sometimes. My new reality is looking in the mirror and thanking my body, “Thank you. I appreciate how you move to play with the kids and how you allow me to find rest.”

How are you thanking your body today?

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