Highlight ‘Real’

We are all guilty of it. Putting forth the best of ourselves or our families for the world to see on social media. Everyone is well-coiffed, smiling and perfectly agreeable to whatever is going on around them. We tend to post when we are proud, happy, and loving our lives. Oh, and when our hair and make-up look at least marginal.

However, how often are we also listening to a screaming child? It is likely that somewhere in the 5 minutes before or after that perfect photo opportunity, someone was wailing. They asked for cereal in a bowl with honey and milk, but there wasn’t enough honey added so the meltdown begins. Maybe your little one is wanting to watch TV or play on a device and your simple ‘no’ has brought on World War III. My personal favorite is when a child asks for a banana sliced into wheels and immediately cries and screams because he wanted the banana ‘left big.’  You get my point.

The truth is, all of us, whether we are adults or children, have difficult moments, or even days (weeks, months, years). As humans, we have a wide range of emotions and sometimes we are just downright cranky and we can’t tell anyone exactly why. Every once in a while, I have a hard time explaining my emotions or using my words when I’m upset. I’m going to say something radical here, our children are little humans! Starting to think this way about the meltdowns they have has helped me to change my reaction… at least sometimes. It is tough in the moment, isn’t it?!

All this being said, can we agree to understand that people are typically publicizing their unicorn moments. I’m so thrilled for friends when their children nap at the same time and they get to sit in silence to enjoy whatever activity they choose. Seriously, thrilled for you, friend! Also, I’m terribly jealous because that ‘highlight real’ is rarely my reality. #UnicornMoment

I am thrilled that you have managed to decorate your home so beautifully and it is so clean and organized. There is not a giant stack of papers and mail left to be seen. Your sink and counter are not cluttered with dirty dishes and half drank cups of milk. There are not random shoes and socks lying around by your door. Can we all agree that maybe the picture has been taken and shared because it is a #UnicornMoment and not the ‘highlight real’ it is made out to be?

I say, keep sharing your #UnicornMoment, but maybe, just maybe, be sure to let those around you know that you are celebrating the break from your reality, your highlight ‘real’. We have the power to stop competing with each other over all these little moments and start celebrating that we kept humans alive today even if they are covered in dirt and snack crumbs. What #unicornmoment have you experienced lately?

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