7 Questions for Impactful Morning Rituals

Well, have you read it? You know what I’m talking about… Miracle Morning Millionaires. There are a lot of books out there about morning routines, but this is the one that changed everything for me. It didn’t change over night, but my morning looks different than it did a year ago right before reading it. The way your day starts can greatly impact the rest of the flow for the day, so starting it right makes a big difference.

As I have adjusted my personal morning routine, I have had to ask myself some questions to figure out what the best flow to the morning really is. And yes, I’ve had to make adjustments based upon a lot of things (read, mostly my children’s needs). Here are the questions that helped me:

What time can I feasibly get to bed?

Man, I don’t know about you, but after the kids go to bed, I. Am. Done. It never fails though, there are dishes to do, laundry to fold, lunches to pack, wine to drink. You get the picture. This is the first question I had to start asking myself in designing my morning ritual because I had to be honest with myself. What was even halfway realistic? For me, with a child whose bedtime is 7:45, which he lovingly stretches to at least 8:30, I knew I would need time to unwind. I am one of those people who can’t lay down and turn the light out right away. I need a good 15-30mins of time in my bed reading, scrolling social medias, or what have you. So, for me, I set my lights out time as 10:00pm, but the closer I am to 9:30pm, the better tbh. That may not work for you. Your season of life greatly impacts your design.

Always more dishes!

When are my kids waking up?

Sigh. The short answer is always too early! This has evolved for me and ebbs and flows to be honest. I hesitate to tell you, that currently, my earliest riser is typically not getting up until at least 6am. Because I have said this, he will be up at 5am tomorrow. At any rate, based upon my latest lights out time of 9:45pm, my alarm goes off at 5:25am. This gives me a good 30mins (in theory) to go about my ritual.

What do I hope to accomplish?

This greatly impacts how much time you’ll need (see below). What are your goals for this little nugget of time? Is it to get a workout in? Is it to meditate? Is it to shower and get ready without little hands and snot on you? Is it to sit and read with your coffee? Season of life, friends. What you’re going through right now will impact this. Maybe you’re writing a novel and need time to write. I don’t know, but the answer to this question will help with the next one.

Show how I worked backwards….

How much time do I need?

So, for me, 30 mins is a minimum. On ideal days, I get an hour and it is utterly glorious. For real. My whole attitude changes and I feel lighter somehow. Plan backwards to decide how much time you need. I did this by thinking about how long it takes me to shower and get ready. Then, I added on time to do a 10min yoga video to get my blood flowing.

How can I set myself up for success?

This is huge. Preparation is the key to success. These all flow together in a way, right? So, going to bed on time is important. Setting an alarm for the morning matters.

The alarm I currently have set to help me stay on track.

Why do I want to design this morning ritual for myself?

I hope part of your answer is because your health and sanity matter! It’s so important to take care of yourself, especially if you are spending part of your day caring for others. Moms, teachers, nurses, caregivers, you know who you are, fueling your fire or filling your tank is super important. I rely on this time so I can be a calmer mommy to my 2 boys in the morning. Rushing around in disarray makes me a cranky butt.

How can I readjust my routine on days when there’s a kink in the plan?

Maybe some morning you wake up feeling a little ‘unfresh’ after too many glasses of wine. No judgment! Maybe your child or fur baby decides they need attention before your alarm even goes off. Rascals! The fact is, something at some point is going to get in the way of your new routine. So, have a plan for how you’ll adjust on those days. Maybe you’ll only focus on certain parts of it. For example, getting my water in right away is non-negotiable. Which part is vital to your sanity?

Tell me something about your morning ritual! I can’t wait to hear about it and maybe incorporate it into mine 🙂

8 thoughts on “7 Questions for Impactful Morning Rituals

  1. I love ALL of this! I’m a planner by nature, or at least when I started having children. I get pretty upset when my plans have to change last minute. I like the idea of having another plan to prepare for those things. I would like to start implementing like 5-10 mins in the morning for yoga or mediation. I might even include my husband. I’m always open to ideas for calmer mornings and to be a calmer more patient mama. Thank you!

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