Your Better Than Good Life Starts Here!

Where did Better Than Good come from?

How many of you love the food samples at your local grocery store?  You know, sometimes they’re freshly cooked treats on a little portable cooktop and other times there’s no cooking involved before you can pop that bite-sized delight right in your mouth.  It’s an extra fun surprise, especially when your littles are in tow. Am I right?! Snack time for the kids means sanity for you :).

One of my local grocery stores (Publix) has a dear man always whipping up a recipe in the tasting area.  I always ask him how he’s doing and his response is always a robotic “Better than good.” Not robotic in the way most of us respond with “Fine” to this same question of our state of being. His voice is literally like a robot’s ~ minus the “bebo beep beep” stuff. His demeanor appears to be that he truly has gratitude for his life and means the words he says, at least I assume most days.

My Publix man’s cooking station.

What does Better Than Good look like?

It got me to thinking, what does “Better than good” even mean?  How can I whip up some of that in my own life? The more I thought about that phrase, the more areas of life I saw needing and deserving this mindset. Don’t we all want our lives to be “Better Than Good?” Maybe I can inspire you to mix in a dash of a healthy new idea or a pinch of a product that I love to cook up a life that makes you glow.

This blog will serve as documentation of my own journey.  It is my goal for the changes I try to make, products I test out, things I read, buy, cook, etc. will help you along your own Better Than Good path.  After all, we’re all on this journey having individual goals, dreams, and needs just trying to do our best. We get to choose to improve and get back up when we’ve fallen (thank you, chocolate cake and giant glass of wine) and to re-choose the creation of our own Better Than Good life each day.  My dream is to share my experiences in the hopes that something that works for me might also work for you. Let’s be Better Than Good together, friends :).

That fits an entire bottle of wine!

How do you want to be Better Than Good? Drop me a comment or an email to let me know. I may just try it and go on that ride along with you…and document it all here, of course ;).

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